-   ABOUT US  -

Our Mission: 

Fully prepared meals made daily and locally with fresh, whole food ingredients and offering free delivery to your home or workplace. Eating well should taste like full-flavored goodness. Let us do the meal prepping for the week. No grocery shopping, dishes, or worrying over what to eat.


Our Vision:

Fully Prepared Meals made Daily and Locally

Fresh, Whole Food Ingredients

Free Delivery to your home or workplace


Let us do your meal prepping. No grocery shopping, dishes, or worrying over what to make for you, or your family.

Sidewalk Sages Meal Prep is a full-service meal prep company that offers fresh, whole-food, meals made right here in Roanoke using 90% local ingredients. We prepare your meals from scratch, making every single menu item and sauce in-house. Let us do the meal prep and the cooking for you, providing you with healthy and flavorful meals at affordable prices, while also accommodating your dietary needs or restrictions.

We cater to all walks of life and all ages; from kids’ options in our menu, to the busy college student looking to eat well, the health-conscious millennials, the working parents, and even retirees and elderly who are happy to let us do the cooking for them.

Our goal is to make it easy and stress free for you and your family to have well-balanced, nutritious meals. For that reason, we offer a fully customizable menu starting at just $6 a meal. We provide free delivery at an 8-mile delivery radius.